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Raw Materials Used For Making Cardboard Boxes

Posted by Admin on June, 16, 2015

Boxes are used in a variety of places, from supermarkets to offices for either permanent storage or for transporting of materials. Boxes can be made of any material like wood, metal and corrugated cardboard etc. Corrugated cardboards are extensively used for making boxes which are reliable, lightweight yet very strong as it can help in supporting heavy loads.

Raw materials

Everything that needs assembling of different elements require the use of raw materials. The same is with the corrugated boxes. Some raw materials used are:

  • Pine trees: They provide the primary raw material for making corrugate cardboards. Packaging companies own large acres of land where trees are matured, harvested and replaced with seedlings for constant growth of these trees. The trunks of these trees are shipped to pulp factories where they are converted into kraft paper. Processing of this paper and then sending into the press machine then forms heavy rolls. These are sent to corrugation plants where Automatic Reel to Sheet Cutter cut these into sheet for processing of box manufacturing.
  • Starch glue: This starch glue is used to bond corrugated medium to the liner sheets. As a lot of glue is used for this process, large trunks deliver it as dry powder that are stored in huge silos at the plant till the time it is needed. The dry glue is mixed with water and other chemicals before being added to the sheet.
  • Wax: are applied to make a water- or grease-resistant container for food products.
  • Inks: Bright colored inks are used for creating bold graphic designs for self-promotion like brand or company name or product information etc.

These raw materials are used for manufacturing good quality corrugated boxes to people and companies who need them. Many designers and manufacturers work together to create a specific design to create unique dies in which the boxes are modeled.

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