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Operate A Single Facer Machine With The Help Of Vacuum

Posted by Admin on May, 19, 2015

Man is a creator along with destructor. Machines are created by man by taking into consideration the latest prevailing technologies. It is very common that hands are used for each and every action. Without hands not a single task is possible. But how come if you get a corrugated machine which gets operated totally in a vacuum? Won’t it be a better option? If you are searching for such equipment, you are going in the right direction. The demand to build an exciting way to face the paper is high from the very beginning, which finally gave birth to Fingerless Single Facer Machine. It is hoped that it will be an efficient machine, hence fulfilling the long awaited demands of industrialists. Let’s see how!

What is Fingerless Facer Machine?
There is a big craze to learn about the hidden spirit behind the creation of this type of facer machine. The vacuum suction design of the fingerless machine provides a perfect flute formation which is driven by the heavy duty blower. It will also hold a good pressure diameter to overcome the pressure.

It is backed by single fingerless face technology, which holds a high speed to process the output. It is also expected to ensure smooth production of a high quality board. Other than these, some other salient features include:

  • High designing speed
  • Vacuum suction fingerless design
  • Twin facer structure
  • Corrugated rolls made of special steel alloy
  • In built pre heating and conditioned rollers
  • Proper dimensions regarding width

These in built features are going to make the equipment fit for usage. It can also withstand high tensile strength in order to overcome high pressure. A machine which can absorb high work pressure and produce desired output in limited time is said to be a fit one. Some extra qualities included are:

  • Will ensure secure bonding
  • Heavy duty hydraulic pack
  • Gum circulating system
  • Gear box with helical shape
  • Dam system controlling easy gum transfer
  • Heavy duty roll change system
  • A.C. Frequency driver for speed control

Different types of Variations
Whenever any equipment is built, deep focus is to serve universally. As it is quite pressurizing for a single machine to perform all the tasks, various models are brought into the market to serve all the purposes. Variation takes place in the following fields:

  • Technical Specification
  • Size
  • Power Consumption Rate
  • Weight of the Machinery

Hence, it is my advice to understand the appreciable contributions of the latest technology and participate to enjoy them. Kindly, go for a trial nearby and report the differences you found between the new one and the older ones. You can exchange them and move ahead.

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