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Box Manufacturing Process

Posted by Admin on July, 30, 2015

Using cardboard box for delivery is probably everybody’s idea for sending different things. From small office to multinational organizations, all use corrugated box for packaging goods and materials and they are designed to be very strong yet remain lightweight. There has been a significant increase in manufacturing and usage of packaging material due to the growth in export of fruits and vegetables or even clothes and electronic devices.

Manufacturing process

The process of cutting a box starts from the cutting of the board. The main process of box manufacturing include:

  • Slitting: In this, the slitter cuts the box out of the board in a clean and efficient manner. It consists of 2 parts:
  • sliding magnetic safety cutting head, which can slide left and right for an accurate width measurement of the cardboard;
  • 2) An angled measuring cutting bar which can fit along the top edge of any box and wedge out the part.
  • Creasing: Creasing a box is to slowly smooth out the box. Machines used for creasing are fitted with bars with creasing dies, and side wheel adjustment is provided for increasing or decreasing the height as per requirement of the boxes.
  • Slotting: Box slotting routers are designed to cut grooves to hold box, and remove the unsightly gaps at the corners. There is only need to set the groove inset, clamp the frame together and run the bit along the four sided faces.
  • Stitching: Corrugated Box Stitching Machine use adhesive that are used to stitch the corners of the box together so it could provide a reliable and strong box.

The finished piece of corrugated box is sent through rollers and provided pressure at 175-180 psi and at temperatures near about 177-185 degree Celsius. This is done so that the adhesive sticks together strongly and does not start to melt out when facing extreme temperature conditions or heavy materials. Before putting any material in box, it should be properly checked how much load that box can carry so that it may not burst open during transportation.

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